Old Distillery Žešov - another grower distillery

In July 2023 we launched another grower distillery made in our workshops under the name Old Distillery Žešov.  A successful configuration of three distillation columns.


The 300 L distillation column and two 150 L distillation columns are heated by electric spirals and the complete assembly is controlled by a smart touch panel.

Distillation line for processing 1500 liters of distillate per day

In May 2023, we launched a new distillation line in the Ukrainian city of Uman. It is a distillation set-up of two 500 litre ALAMBIC boilers and one 500 litre distillation column.

We chose this arrangement mainly because the customer has a large amount of stored fruit and fermented mashed apples and pears, which are perishable.

Fruit distillery in Tešmák, Slovakia

We delivered a fruit distillery with a capacity of 600 + 300 L. We installed the technology in Slovakia in the village of Tešmák. This distillery processes 7 tons of fruit mash in 24 hours and produces an average of 700 L of fruit spirit per day. The complete delivery of the technology is done in an exclusive design, tailor-made for the premises.


It is only thanks to my father that we can do such cool stuff and bring state-of-the-art distillation equipment to the whole world. And we thank him for his patience with us, for his skilled hands and for everything he has taught us. He showed us which direction to go, he blazed a trail for us, and we are following in his footsteps.

Bronislav Janča - managing director of the company.

Modrá hvězda craft brewery

For the customer who owns a brewery in Dobřany - Modrá hvězda, we made this beautiful distillery for the production of beer brandy. The modern equipment can produce not only beer but also wine and fruit spirits. The heating technology is combined, either by electricity 52kW or by steam. 

New column for Gin production

We would like to introduce a new distillation column for Gin production. The technology is based on the standard distillation column, but we have added a separate vaporization chamber, allowing the flow of alcohol vapor through the filled basket.

Visit our showroom

In cooperation with our Centrem exkluzivních destilátů (Centre for Exclusive Spirits), we would like to offer you to book a tour of our showroom - the Fruit Distillery and the Growing Distillery.

2019 and new challenges for 2020

The year 2019 will was truly historic for our company Kovoděl Janča s.r.o. In the past year, we have seen record demand from new customers for distillation columns. Most customers planned to build a growing distillery or fruit distillery, or they wanted to buy new technologies for the production of Gin or beer brandy.

Expedition to Norway

After more than one year after a customer placed an order with us for a distillation line for the production of GIN, this month (March 2019) he takes over this unique system on which GIN will be distilled.

Installation in Weimar

Here is a video demonstration of the assembly of a 150 litre distillation boiler, designed especially for the production of Gin. The technology was ordered by our long-time customer Wiegand.

Delivery to America

One of our other projects has been installed in California in the town of UKIAH near San Francisco. The installation is as a single boiler system with gas heating with 300 and 150 litre boilers.

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