In the traditional double-boiler system, which has been a widely used and still is a respected technology for many decades, the actual distillation takes place in two boilers - the main raw material boiler for the mash and the rectification boiler for the heads.

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Types Overview

Double-boiler system 1

Set of two boilers, raw material boiler 300 l and rectification boiler 150 l. Without vacuum suction. The basic set in our offer. Solid fuel heating.

Double-boiler system 2

Set of two boilers, raw material boiler 400 l and rectification boiler 200 l. With vacuum suction with optional mash preheating. Combined solid fuel and gas heating.

Double-boiler system 3

Set of two boilers, raw material boiler 400 l and rectification boiler 180 l. With vacuum suction with optional mash preheating. Electric heating.

Double-boiler system 4

Set of two boilers, raw material boiler 300 l and rectification boiler 150 l. With vacuum suction and optional mash preheating. Gas heating.


Grower distilleries are designed for the production of distillates in large volumes, from raw materials such as plums, apples, apricots and other fruits suitable for distillation. We mainly supply double-boiler systems as part of a comprehensive delivery, i.e. from design, through production to on-site delivery and installation of all components including spirit gauges by our assembly crew. The basic components of a double-boiler distillation system are shown in the following diagram.

Double-boiler assemblies are most commonly produced in 120 L and 250 L, 150 L and 300 L, 180 L and 400 L, 200 L and 500 L capacities. Heating is provided by solid fuels (wood), gas burners or electricity. The distillation systems can also be equipped with a mash suction device, a pre-loading mash tank, collection tanks for heads and tails, etc. The photos in the gallery below will tell you more.

The approximate dimensions of the space required for the technology are 3.5 m x 4.5 m and the building height is 3.5 m.

The main advantages of the double-boiler system:

  • the spirit has a rich aroma and different flavour attributes than the single-boiler system
  • mash heating takes place directly without a transfer medium (single boiler)
  • this is the so-called classical distilling method
  • the distilling process is easy to control
  • the technology is low-maintenance

The distillation technology can also be made as a single boiler. For more information about this system, please refer to the section SINGLE or DOUBLE.

Spare parts catalogue for download here.


It is not legal in the Czech Republic to distill spirits without a legal permit. The sale / relocation of distillation equipment is subject to reporting requirements. The conditions for the production of distillates in the Czech Republic are defined by the Alcohol Act No. 61/1997 Coll.

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