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We can equip your fruit distillery or grower distillery with all the necessary accessories. We know how to crush and ferment the fruit, how to handle the mash effectively, or how to pit it. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will manufacture or recommend suitable machines for processing raw materials and storing the distillate. 

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Trolley with alcohol dilution tank

Handling trolley, on top of which is placed a tank (50 l) with a level mark and a scale of 1 l. Dilution of the distillate is easy and fast by means of a circulation pump. It is possible to measure the distillate continuously in the test tube alcohol meter. Handling trolley with lift up to 800 mm. Convenient control of the foot lift and lowering by means of a hand lever.

VAT exclucive price VAT inclusive price 21%
2 680 EUR 3 243 EUR
Technical details

Weight 60 kg
Dimension 600 mm x 850 mm
Overall height 900 mm
Power grid connection 400 V

Trolley with filtration unit

Handling trolley on top of which is placed a tank (50 l) with a level indicator and a scale of 1 L. Suitable for filtration of distillates containing light turbidity, impurities, sludge, etc. The distillate is drawn from the 50 l tank into a cartridge filter by means of a pressure pump and then returned clean to the tank. The entire contents can be discharged back into the containers after filtration by means of several valves. Handling trolley with lifting height up to 800 mm. Recommended filtration time 20 minutes and we recommend to subcool the distillate to 5°C. Digital temperature measurement of the distillate. Convenient foot lifting and lowering control with a hand lever.

VAT exclusive price VAT inclusive price 21%
3 532 EUR 4 274 EUR
Technical details

Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 600 mm x 850 mm
Overall height 900 mm
Connection to 400 V

SM bottle rinser

"SM" bottle spray cleaner is designed to thoroughly clean the bottles before filling. Its compact size and lighter weight make the unit an essential piece of equipment for smaller producers of wine, oil, fruit juices and other food products. The basic "SM" model is designed with four water nozzles for rinsing. The unit must be connected to water supply and comes complete with a micro-filtration cartridge for water.

VAT exclusive price VAT inclusive price 21%
1 366 EUR 1 653 EUR
Technical details

SOM/rinser contains two nozzles designed to blow air (must be connected to a compressed air source).
SSM/rinser features two nozzles for rinsing with water and two nozzles for blowing with compressed air or nitrogen.
SMP/rinser contains two or four nozzles with pump and tank for use of disinfectant solution.

EKO-10 semi-automatic labeller

Semi-automatic desktop labelling machine, designed to apply front and back self-adhesive labels in the same cycle. In addition to cylindrical containers, the machine can place labels on square bottles, cans and other containers, including those made of synthetic materials. In addition, using optional accessories, it is possible to detect reference marks on the bottom or side, place the label later or install a stamping unit. This machine has a stainless steel frame and a quick-release, knurled silicone paper winding roller. With electronic commands, the machine can be used for a wide variety of labeling variations, via an appropriate optional unit. The labeller is controlled by an electronic panel and complies with EC safety standards. The machine is normally supplied in a cardboard box on a small pallet (wooden cassette is optional). The standard machine can label conical bottles up to 2°.

VAt exclucive price VAT inclusive price 21%
2 894 EUR 3 501 EUR
Technical details

Dimensions: 550 mm x 400 mm x 500 mm (h)
Output: 800 bottles per hour
Voltage: 230 V - 50 Hz (for 110 V - 60 Hz)
Weight: 40 kg
Max. label length: 280 mm
Max. label height: 140 mm (on 190 mm vol.)
Round bottle diameter: 50 mm 120 mm (on vol. from 20 mm / 200 mm)
Square bottle side width: 35 mm 100 mm

ENOLMASTER vacuum bottle filler with 4 nozzles

The ENOLMASTER is a semi-automatic four-nozzle vacuum filling machine. The bottling is very convenient and fast. It can fill over 500 bottles per hour. The bottles are filled in a vacuum. Suitable for bottles from 250 - 330 mm high with inner neck diameter from 16 - 28 mm. The filler is especially suitable for medium-sized winemakers. We recommend combining it with the "tandem professional" filter.

VAT exclusive price VAT inclusive price 21%
2 681 EUR 3 244 EUR
Technical details

Dimensions: 650 x 460 x 450 mm
Power: 120 W
Weight: 25 kg

Fruit transportation and weighing

Pallet truck suitable for transport and weighing of fruit (fermented). Weighing evaluation unit - integrated in a durable steel housing. Easy to operate. Large control panel. Industrial design. Independent of power supply. Independent of mains. Gross / Net switching. Easy to operate, dustproof and waterproof keypad, large control buttons. 6-digit, LCD indicator with 25 mm high, easy-to-read digits (easy to read in sunlight and darkness). Automatic resetting, operating temperature -10° to 40 C°. Power supply by a rechargeable battery, operating time approx. 36 hours.

VAT exclusive price VAT inclusive price 21%
1 064 EUR 1 287 EUR
Technical details

Weighing capacity: up to 2.200 kg / Scale increment: 0.5 kg

Pitter for mash before distillation

Designed for pitting of mash before distillation. The device is placed on a stainless steel hopper from which the fermentation is pumped to the boiler. The machine is made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

Optional accessories VAT exclusive price VAT inclusive price 21%
without caster wheels 4 591 EUR 5 556 EUR
with caster wheels 4 762 EUR 5 762 EUR
Technical details
  • drive: electric motor 1,5 kW with worm gearbox
  • power supply: AC 400 V / 50Hz
  • speed: 390 rpm
  • output: 200 l/min
  • stainless steel hopper
  • bottom tub 300 l
  • optional connection of a self-priming pump

Pitter for mash after distillation

Intended for pitting of mash after distillation, the device is connected to the drain valve of the distillation boiler. The machine is made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

Price without installation.
(Installation price: 426 EUR - 851 EUR without VAT depending on complexity)

VAt exclusive price VAT inclusive price 21%
2 809 EUR 3 398 EUR
Technical details
  • drive: electric motor 1,5 kW with worm gearbox
  • power supply: AC 400 V / 50Hz
  • speed: 390 rpm
  • output: 80 to 100 L/min
  • connection: flange DN 100 (can be adapted to your requirements)


Accessories for fruit distilleries VAT exclusive price VAT inclusive price 21%
Stainless steel tables for washing appliances and technology 2 128 EUR 2 574 EUR
Washing sinks for bottles, stills, graduated cylinders  851 EUR 1 030 EUR
Reverse osmosis for dilution of spirits (according to production size) 2 128 EUR 2 574 EUR
Water treatment plant for technology and operation (according to water analysis) 5 532 EUR 6 694 EUR
Calibrated thermometers and spirit meters, graduated cylinders 426 EUR 515 EUR
Pots, buckets, containers for transferring spirits to another place 1 064 EUR 1 287 EUR
Camera system (depending on the size of the building) 4 255 EUR 5 149 EUR
Safe for stamps and valuables 426 EUR 515 EUR
Shelf for finished bottled spirits (estimate) 851 EUR 1 030 EUR
PC software for PP and OL 681 EUR 824 EUR
Maybe you will freeze the distillate + freezer 426 EUR 515 EUR
Industrial hoses and clamps 638 EUR 772 EUR
Platform scale 600/1200 kg + verification 1 362 EUR 1 648 EUR
Plastic barrels 50 pcs 1 064 EUR 1 287 EUR
IBC containers 10 pcs 1 064 EUR 1 287 EUR
Plastic Big Fruit Box 120 x 120 cm 10 pcs 1 915 EUR 2 317 EUR
Compressor, pressure washer, floor cleaning trolley, etc. 851 EUR 1 030 EUR
Ultrasonic purifier for aging and degassing of distillates 1 277 EUR 1 532 EUR
Tool and equipment box 638 EUR 772 EUR
Pallet truck for transport of raw materials and mash 638 EUR 772 EUR

It is not legal in the Czech Republic to distill spirits without a legal permit. The sale / relocation of distillation equipment is subject to reporting requirements. The conditions for the production of distillates in the Czech Republic are defined by the Alcohol Act No. 61/1997 Coll.

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