If the customer does not have sufficient building space but wishes to have a full-fledged distillation column, we recommend this variant with one rectification stage and a dephlegmator.

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Types Overview

Electric heating

120 L - 18 kW - 3x 32 A circuit breaker
150 L - 18 kW - 3x 32 A circuit breaker
170 L - 21 kW - 3x 40 A circuit breaker
200 L - 28,5 kW - 3x 50 A circuit breaker

Ceiling height - 2 300 mm
Door clearance - 1 100 mm
Catalyst increases the overall height by 200 mm.

Gas heating

120 L - 40 kW
150 L - 40 kW
170 L - 60 kW
200 L - 60 kW

Ceiling height - 2 500 mm
Door clearance - 1 300 mm
Catalyst increases the overall height by 200 mm.

Solid fuel heating

120 L - 10 kW
150 L - 10 kW
170 L - 15 kW
200 L - 15 kW

Ceiling height - 2 500 mm
Door clearance - 1 300 mm
Catalyst increases the overall height by 200 mm.


In single-stage columns it is necessary to set a larger reflux - dephlegmation by means of a thermal valve, so that the alcohol vapours are repeatedly intensified and returned to the rectification floor under the dephlegmator.
The fruit spirit still carries a pleasant fruit flavour. We recommend not to reserve these distillates, as the fruit and stone flavour will fade after some time. Due to the higher recommended dephlegmation and shorter time in the rectification column, they are more spirit-like in character and not rich in aromas when inhaled from the glass. To increase the richness of the aroma we recommend installing a catalyst, but this increases the overall height by 200 mm. The catalyst also reduces the presence of ethyl carbamate and hydrogen cyanide in the resulting distillate.
This type of column is recommended for the distillation of wine, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, forest fruits, fruit juices or fruit mashes with high alcohol content.
Single stage columns are available in 120 L, 150 L, 170 L and 200 L sizes.

Standard equipment:

Double-jacketed boilers with safety assembly, with DN100 outlet valve.
All-welded design of distillation boiler, lid, rectification column and dephlegmator with stainless steel tubular cooler. Stainless steel boiler cladding with thermal insulation.
Motorized stirring, boiler and rectification column lighting, DN250 filling hatch with DN100 boiler sight glass, automatic distillate and dephlegmator temperature control, rinsing head and piping for pressure cleaning by pump (CIP).

Heating options:

  •  electric heating (standard control or smart control TOUCH panel)
  •  gas heating (natural gas or propane)
  •  solid fuel (wood or coal)

Basic parameters:

  •  overall height up to 2 500 mm
  •  length of one distillation cycle 90 - 100 minutes
  •  cooling water consumption 100 - 200 L
  •  maximum spirit strength of fruit distillate 63% - 65%
  •  optional disabling of the entire rectification stage

Additional equipment and services can be purchased for each distillation column:
Vacuum intake of mash with vacuum pump and preheating tank + preheating of mash
Chemical CIP cleaning, catalyst, heads and tails tanks, special closed parrot and ZEHR measuring instruments
Chimney heat exchangers, pots and vessels, various pumps and other accessories
Installation of equipment throughout the EU including commissioning


It is not legal in the Czech Republic to distill spirits without a legal permit. The sale / relocation of distillation equipment is subject to reporting requirements. The conditions for the production of distillates in the Czech Republic are defined by the Alcohol Act No. 61/1997 Coll.

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