Vacuum intake of mash

The vacuum suction allows comfortable and clean work when pumping the mash. The preheating device uses the waste heat of your distillery or distillery, you save time and most importantly energy. With this vacuum suction of the mash, you will speed up the final distillation time by up to 30 minutes per distillation.

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Types Overview

RV 248 vacuum pump

  • two-stage water-circulating pump
  • maximum flow rate 630 L/min
  • minimum flow rate 450 L/min
  • weight 70 kg
  • 400 V power supply
  • 2.38 kW power input
VAT exclusive price VAT inclusive price 21%
2 681 EUR 3 244 EUR


RV 558 vacuum pump

  • five-stage water-circulating pump
  • maximum flow rate 2004 L/min
  • minimum flow rate 1500 L/min
  • weight 90 kg
  • 400 V power supply
  • 4.01 kW power input
VAT exclusive price VAT inclusive price 21%
3 404 EUR 4 119 EUR


Spent-wash heat-exchanger tank

  • float for shutting off the pump (optional + 9 000 CZK without VAT)
  • material - 2 mm stainless steel
  • vessel volume 170 to 500 L
  • mash preheating
  • sight glass and rinse
Optional accessories VAT exclusive price VAT inclusive price 21%
Float (optical) 638 EUR 772 EUR
Motor 638 EUR 772 EUR


Volume and price
without VAT with VAT 21%
170 L 1 660 EUR 2 008 EUR
200 L 1 915 EUR 2 317 EUR
250 L 2 085 EUR 2 523 EUR
300 L 2 383 EUR 2 883 EUR
400 L 2 979 EUR 3 604 EUR
500 L 3 319 EUR 4 016 EUR

Safety tank (overflow)

  • volume 80 L
  • ∅ 300 mm H: 1000 mm
  • Diameter DN 100
  • drain valve DN50
  • material - stainless steel 2 mm

Capacity and price

  VAT exclusive price VAT inclusive price 21% 
80 L 489 EUR 592 EUR

Vacuum suction asembly

  • stainless steel frame height 1500 mm
  • frame width 1000 mm
  • 80 L safety tank with DN100 sight glass
  • DN30 suction pipe needed
  • water circulation pump 2,2kW / 400V
  • circulation tank for pump 30 L
  • ON/OFF switchboard + pump current protection
  • price without installation
VAT exclusive price VAT inclusive price 21%
3 830 EUR 4 634 EUR



For distillation equipment with larger volumes (approx. from 170 L) we recommend installing the vacuum intake of mash. It consists of several key components, as shown in the following diagram in the gallery.

The main element of the system is a water-circulating pump, available in several versions and supplied with a water buffer tank. The pump, when switched on, starts pumping air out of the pipe and creates a vacuum in the pre-pressure vessel via the safety (relief) vessel. This vacuum is then used to draw the mash from the storage tanks.

The pre-fill vessels are available in volumes from 170 to 500 L and can be equipped with a float mechanism that automatically switches off the vacuum pump when they are full. The tank can be preheated by the waste heat from the boiler, it can be equipped with a rinse and a DN 100 orifice. If the pre-fill vessel is not equipped with an automatic control system and the operator does not manage to switch off the suction in time, the pump is protected by a safety vessel which can be drained in case of mash entrapment.

Main advantages of vacuum suction:

  • high comfort for the operator and customers
  • clean working environment around the boiler
  • increased effectiveness of the distillation process


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